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Friday, May 2nd, 2014

I recently attended the book launch for Bright Bazaar, a colourful and inspiring interiors book by Bright Bazaar Blogger Will Taylor.

A lovely evening that took place at West Elm, and I even got caught on camera!

Watch here.


IP x

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Behind-the-scenes at The House Gardener

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

The past week has been really exciting as not only is the new book out, but we also filmed the video for it.

The House Gardener is the second book from Isabelle Palmer, our beloved Balcony Gardener, and features a plethora of ideas for quirky, stunning and eye-catching house plant designs.

In the video, which we will post very soon, Isabelle talks about her new book and the inspiration behind her creations, and also demonstrates how to create three beautiful house plant displays. Two from the book, and one brand new and exclusive one.

Here are some images from Behind-the-Scenes at The House Gardener.

GREEN RAINBOW – The bright colors of these sweet green plants, Soleirolia soleirolii (mind-your-own-business), will quickly cheer up any indoor area.

Tools and Ingredients

Green Rainbow

PROVENCAL SUMMER -  This is a lovely arrangement for an open kitchen or porch, but it would also make an unusual table arrangement for a picturesque, homespun wedding or perhaps a summer lunch just outside.

Tools and Ingredients

Provencal Summer

MINI TERRARIUM – Using these brand new terrariums from The Balcony Gardener, Isabelle combined a few small pebbles and shells with some moss and stunning muscari which is currently in season. So simple, yet so beautiful as this intricate violet coloured flower stands out against the green of the moss.

Tools and Ingredients

Mini Terrarium

Three beautiful and simple house plant displays, made easy with the guidance of The House Gardener out now

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A Mother’s Love…

Monday, March 24th, 2014

On Sunday 30th March it will be Mother’s Day, so if your Mummy Dearest is a green fingered goddess, then we have a selection of gift ideas that will be perfect for spoiling her.

Hanging Plant Shade £15.50

Hanging Aerium £21

Petri Terrarium £16.95

X Three Watering Can from £45

Out on the 31st March, for those a little late! The House Gardener £25 (signed copy)

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, we hope you have a very relaxing and indulgent day


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The House Gardener

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Following on from the success of the first book from The Balcony Gardener, aptly entitled The Balcony Gardener, it is now time for us to very excitedly introduce the next in our book series – The House Gardener.
Out at the end of March, the second book from The Balcony Gardener offers new and innovative ways to display your houseplants and flowers, provides inspiration for table settings,  and supplies innovative ideas for unusual containers for indoor growing.
The House Gardener brings a new eye and a contemporary twist to gardening indoors. Fancy trying your hand at indoor water gardens, terrariums,  table centres or a miniature Zen garden? The House Gardener has tips and guidance for all of these ideas, plus much much more.
The following project chapters are included: Enclosed in Glass, Hanging Gardens, Old Finds and Just Outside, all followed by a comprehensive basics section on which plants to select, planting techniques and plant care. Here is a snapshot of some the amazing House Gardening that the book features.


Chapter 1. Enclosed in Glass – Great Expectations

Taking inspiration from Charles Dickens’ haunting yet beautiful character, Miss Havisham, this is an imaginative terrarium depicting the leading lady’s creative disorder. Which literary character would inspire your terrarium?


Chapter 2. Old Finds – Green Rainbow

An array of green provided by Soleirolia soleiroli (translated as mind-your-own-business) against a simple backdrop of white pebbles encased in a rustic crate makes for a simple yet stunning piece. When choosing a crate, look for one that tells a story. The faded image of the French fields on this crate provides a focal point for the display.


Chapter 3. Hanging Gardens – Hanging Bottles

Recycling and re-using containers is a wonderful way to make the most of budget gardening. With the use of these old green glass wine bottles, this is a creative display that works really well in a kitchen and as a window feature.
The plants used are Begonia foliosa (fern begonia), Hatiora salicornioides (dancing bones cactus), and Ficus benjamina (weeping fig)


Chapter 4. Just Outside – Provencal Summer

A dreamy arrangement portraying hot summers spent in Provence, France. Beautiful sprays of pastel color displayed in vintage bottles and an aged wooden milk crate give a charming, rustic appeal. Perfect for a kitchen or porch, or even a homespun wedding.


Chapter 5. Tools, Material and Techniques

The final chapter provides an in-depth overview of all the tools, items and methods required for your House Gardening projects.
The House Gardener ignites the lost trend for house gardening as it invites plants back across the threshold and injects excitement and creativity into one of the world’s most therapeutic and beloved pastimes.
The House Gardener is out on the 31st March from Cico Books.
Pre-order yours from Amazon today
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Book Review – Edible Selby

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

The Edible Selby Front Cover © Todd Selby

Todd Selby’s website The Selby has been a favourite online destination for us, it is a wealth of interiors and trends inspiration, for many years he has curated the interiors of different people – revealing their personality and quirks through their belongings. Through this creative work, he has become more and more curious about people’s kitchens, their refrigerators and how we eat. His most recent book “Edibly Selby” is a celebration of food obsessives and creatives, people who have a vocation for creating food.

It’s not a recipe book per se, instead it’s a global culinary encyclopedia featuring local pockets of people passionate about food and eating it. Unlike other food books, Edible Selby doesn’t feel as if it has been styled by a number of food stylists, photographers and assistants – instead here it’s just Todd Selby and his camera capturing the everyday and food of a bakery, restaurant, fishmongers or vinery.

Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, Brooklyn New York © Todd Selby

Todd starts his journey in San Francisco, he was born and grew up in Orange County slightly further down the West Coast – so he starts close to home. It’s an interesting story – Mission Chinese Food – a Chinese restaurant started inside another Chinese restaurant in the heart of Chinatown, San Francisco. The two restauranteurs Danny Bowien and Anthony Myint had little capital at the start so created a restaurant inside a restaurant, they meld American Chinese food with California cuisine and touches of Oklahoma barbecue like white bread and Coca-cola sauce.

Towpath, London © Todd Selby

Todd travels further afield on his culinary journey, he explores London featuring Violet Cakes in Hackney, Towpath in Haggerston and St John’s in Spitalfields. He spends the whole day with his chosen spot, photographing them in action (there’s a great shot of Fergus Henderson enjoying his elevenses break of seed cake and a glass of madeira) and chats to them about their food and menus.

Violet Cakes, London © Todd Selby

Some of the most beautiful photos are taken outside of your usual restaurant and cafe, and feature the food suppliers and part-time restauranturs – an un-manned eating spot in the hills of Italy, just help yourself to Prosecco from the fridge and delicious salami direct from the factory. The Nordic Food Lab is a food research laboratory housed on a houeboat in Copenhagen, they research “old and new techniques and raw materials” of Nordic cookery, they have been examining and experimenting with seaweed and other wild foods. Sa Forada is a paella restaurant in Mallorca that is only accessible by boat or climbing a fence and hiking, Yoshida Farm is a cheese-making facility in the heart of rural Japan and Rockaway Taco is a part-time taco shack in Queens, New York – only open when the owner Andrew Field isn’t chasing the surfing waves around the world.

Edible Selby is a real foodie celebration, Todd has explored and met a collection of personalities who all celebrate food and its vibrancy in their often very different fields. A great book for your favourite foodie (and we also loved the fridge magnets!).

Edible Selby by Todd Elby

Edible Selby by Todd Selby is published by Abrams

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