Behind-the-scenes at The House Gardener

The past week has been really exciting as not only is the new book out, but we also filmed the video for it. The House Gardener is the second book from Isabelle Palmer, our beloved Balcony Gardener, and features a plethora of ideas for quirky, stunning and eye-catching house plant designs. In the video, which we will post very soon, Isabelle talks about her new book and the inspiration behind her creations, and also demonstrates how to create three beautiful house plant displays. Two from the book, and one brand new and exclusive one. Here are some images from Behind-the-Scenes at The House Gardener. GREEN RAINBOW – The bright colors of these sweet green plants, Soleirolia soleirolii (mind-your-own-business), will quickly cheer up any indoor area.

Tools and Ingredients

Green Rainbow

PROVENCAL SUMMER -  This is a lovely arrangement for an open kitchen or porch, but it would also make an unusual table arrangement for a picturesque, homespun wedding or perhaps a summer lunch just outside.

Tools and Ingredients

Provencal Summer

MINI TERRARIUM – Using these brand new terrariums from The Balcony Gardener, Isabelle combined a few small pebbles and shells with some moss and stunning muscari which is currently in season. So simple, yet so beautiful as this intricate violet coloured flower stands out against the green of the moss. Tools and Ingredients

Mini Terrarium

Three beautiful and simple house plant displays, made easy with the guidance of The House Gardener out now