Georgianna Lane Photography

Image: Georgianna Lane

A few weeks ago we were fortunate enough to be visited by the American floral and garden photographer Georgianna Lane for our annual photo shoot. Isabelle has been a long-time fan of Georgianna’s beautiful photography and we were all delighted when we discovered that our photo shoot would coincide with Georgianna’s trip to Europe. Based in Seattle, Georgianna spends most of her time photographing local flora and fauna, her studio is surrounded by rose gardens and sheltered evergreens. She is a passionate gardener, which clearly shines through her work; and her studio garden has been certified as a Wildlife Habitat by the American National Wildlife Federation. With her husband, Georgianna also runs a stock photo agency for gardening and plant photography. She has a love for roses….

Georgianna often travels with her camera and records her journeys and adventures on her lovely blog, the vivid colours and eye for detail are all in the photographs, here she has taken a photograph from her trip to Amsterdam

And she has caught the regal splendour of London perfectly here:

We were beyond lucky with the weather on the day of our shoot, the sun shone and skies were clear; armed with her camera Georgianna shot the new product range with different blooming flowers and plantings. We’re about to launch the new product range, but we can give you a sneaky peak of a few of Georgianna’s photographs:

Georgianna also had some time to take some lovely close-up pictures of the bright flowers and wistful grasses:

If you’d like to see more of Georgianna’s photographs make sure you visit her website here.We’ll keep you posted when the new product range is on sale.