Green Fingered Kids

Sonny’s (aged 4) carrots

A new gardening survey has been published confirming a third of all adults in Britain will grow their own fruit and vegetables at home over the summer. Over 37 percent of the adults interviewed answered that they were planning to grow at least half of their produce in their own gardens, allotments or window boxes. Interestingly, 72 percent also answered that they had fallen in love with gardening by the age of thirty. It seems the gardening bug is being planted at a much earlier age, with more children and young people growing up green fingered surrounded by home-grown produce.

Children love getting their hands dirty and mucking around in the garden, there are many ways to get them excited about planting and learning about the great outdoors. If you have the space you can allocate them their own gardening area so they can dig freely; if your space is limited why not find a suitable planter or container they can call their own? You could even recycle an old wooden box, a bath, wheel barrow – and paint it brightly coloured. Girls are often drawn into the garden by tales of butterflies whilst boys love nothing more than digging for worms. Our butterfly garden seeds are a lovely way to attract butterflies into your green space, whilst worms are a vital part of creating your own compost. If you’re having problems encouraging your little ones to finish off their fruit and vegetables, what could be a better incentive than seeing the vegetables they carefully planted and watered on their plate?

Sonny’s peas and aubergines seedlings

There are plenty of fun outdoorsy trips to explore with the kids during the Easter break. Our first tip is the newly re-opened Butterfly World close to St Albans – the biggest butterfly experience in the world complete with a biome shaped like a butterfly’s head to house the different varieties. Within the Biome there will be underworld caves with insects, spiders and scorpions, canopy walkways and intermittent thunderstorms and a lost world. If you’re in London during the holidays then we would suggest a trip to the Natural History Museum to their new Sensational Butterflies exhibition containing 5 sensory zones to experience and a newly built Butterfly House. If you’re staying at home then we would recommend the family friendly website gardening with children with great tips and projects for children to explore in the garden.