Hong Kong fun

I have just returned from the most amazing trip to Hong Kong, which as well as having the highest population of people also has the most living walls in the world it seems. From men’s clothes stores through to cosmetic shops, the city has cultivated this vertical trend and the results are stunning.

IMG_7398 FullSizeRender

My breakfast visit to OVO was such an exciting find. A florist meets furniture studio meets delicious cafe, the interior was filled with the most beautiful floral displays, succulents and terrariums – like a mini heaven for me. A stunning interior seeped in green where I ate what must have been the tastiest wholemeal croissant I have ever eaten. I must try and get the recipe.

I went to the fantastic Hong Kong Flower Market that had plants and flowers that I had never seen or heard of.  I especially liked these (pictured below) which are Solanum Mammosum and is a plant that is typical for Chinese New Year. Known as Cow’s Udder because of its form, it is also poisonous and native to South America.  It is imported to Taiwan and Hong Kong for use in religious and festival floral arrangements. Such a stunning colour.

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Always on the look out for greenery across the world, I was so impressed with the enthusiasm that Hong Kong has for garden design.  It was such a pleasure to be so surrounded by so many wonderfully coloured plants and flowers. A very exciting place to visit.


Zài jiàn x