RHS London Plant and Design Show

Last week The Balcony Gardener travelled to the Royal Horticultural Halls by St James Palace, for the Annual London Plant and Design Show. Our lovely stand stood adjacent to a number of different leading plant nurseries, garden designers and stands selling spring flowering plants. The theme for the show was to look at urban garden spaces and rooftop gardens, perfect for Balcony Gardeners. There were two rooftop gardens which had been especially designed for the show to illustrate how gardeners can make the most of this valuable and often under-used space.

At our stand we were showcasing a selection of our most loved gardening tools, gifts, containers and eco-friendly ideas. It was also our first opportunity to display the fabulous new seed range and packaging. Both the bungee bird feeder and eco watering can adaptor were keen talking points and hits of the show. One lady bought five adaptors to stock up for next Christmas! The show was a great success for The Balcony Gardener and another opportunity to promote urban gardening.