Salads and Sprouts

Hurrah! I finally made it to Franco Manco, the tiny Brixton Market-based pizzeria my friends have been raving about for months. And yes, it really lives up to its not so secret reputation of serving up “the best pizzas in Britain” (The Observer). They are the most delicious Neapolitan style pizzas made with fresh sourdough, organic cheese from Somerset and Gloucestershire Old Spot Ham. 

Franco Manco also make a lovely green side salad, garnished with lots of fresh mint and alfalfa sprouts. It reminded me what a great idea it is to serve mint in a salad and because it’s such a vigorous herb, I am always looking out for interesting ways to use it up as the little pot on my balcony – that I grew from seed last year – is out of control.


Speaking of salads, look out for our new Sproutapouch, coming soon. It’s an innovative, easy and fun way to grow your own salad shoots at home. It’s also a proudly British invention. All you need to do is add water to the pouch, sprinkle the seeds and leave to grow a tasty micro-salad in days. You can either hang them in your window or they sit on the windowsill. Rocket, red cabbage, broccoli, radish or mustard sprouts will be available.


And back to Brixton Market, check out Wild Caper, a little organic café cum deli who make a delicious hot chocolate for afters!