Urban Gardeners Unite

I want to fly the flag for a brilliant new social networking site called Urban Gardeners

It was set up by east Londoner Callum Saunders for the growing community as a place to come together, share experiences, offer advice and seek support. Callum hopes to unite a group of passionate, youthful, urban gardeners who are keen to shake off the shackles of stereotypical gardening perception. The forum is terrific if you have any tricky small space gardening problems.

Callum lives in a modern flat which had a bare concrete balcony. He decided to spruce this up with a few window boxes, then found a small table that had been thrown away, so started putting pots on this…. Then one day in April last year he decided to grow some salad leaves, then some tomatoes, then runner beans, then carrots – and the rest really, as he says, is history!

Callum’s also writes a brilliant blog about his own balcony gardening exploits. One year on, and the balcony has gone, but an allotment share has meant his unique urban project can continue.

I love the way he is happy to share his successes and his mistakes and show people that they can enjoy gardening and vegetable growing as a pastime, even if they only have a balcony, small patio – even just a windowsill or doorstep.

He’s an urban gardening inspiration to us all!