When is a vase, not a vase?

Talented young Swiss designer, Nicolas Le Moigne, is the brains behind our best-selling Eco Watering Can Bottle Adaptor. So I was very quick to snap up his latest invention – the Trompe L’Oeil Vase – a cleverly designed thin slice of enamelled steel cut into the shape of a vase that slips on to an ordinary drinking glass.

It’s a bit like a mask for a glass – easily turning an everyday object into a striking, contemporary vase.

I think it’s a genius product and is available from www.thebalconygardener.com in black or white for only £10.

Le Moigne, who is only 28, had several of his designs in production even before he graduated from Industrial Design at University in Lausanne.

He says that it is the discreet details of everyday objects that influence his work: “My aim is not to shock people – I prefer instead to design functional things that aid everyday life.”

And in the veggie window garden…keep sowing salad leaves in small quantities every 2 to 3 weeks for a constant supply through the summer. You should now be enjoying harvesting your first salad leaves if you started early. If not, it’s still not too late to get planting.

And remember, watering is key this month. Containers need to be watered daily if possible.