Books Review: Bringing Nature Home/ Flowers Every Day

Bringing Nature Home, by Ngoc Minh Ngo (Rizzoli)

Bringing Nature Home is the newest photography book from the interiors and garden photographer Ngo Minh Ngo. Her love for seasonal nature, blossoming plants and home interiors are the inspiration for this beautiful book. She teamed up with Nicolette Owen of Brooklyn’s Little Flower School to put together a tableaux of styling and plant imagery. Both wanted to present an alternative to the usual floristry and that is in line with the “back to nature” movement. This is the first volume to showcase how to be inspired by nature’s seasonal bounty and bring that nature into the home through floral arrangements.

The photography is simply beautiful, showcasing both the lush flowers and the interiors.

It’s a welcome addition to our coffee table, and you can buy the book through Amazon.

Flowers Every Day by Paula Pryke (Jacqui Small)

The florist Paula Pryke is acclaimed for creating innovative and bold floral designs for memorable events and special occasions. In this book, she demonstrates how the same ideas and techniques she uses for grand floral objets d’art can be applied to create easy, inexpensive, and modern floral arrangements to decorate the home. It is is full of tips to help you fill your home with flowers every day all year round.

Whilst not as wistful as Bringing Nature Home, Pryke has created a wonderfully easy to read and practical book for budding florists. The ideas are simple and effective. The photography is by Rachel Whiting, and the arrangements throughout the book look beautiful. You can buy the book through Amazon.