New book: Painterly Plants by Clare Foster

Image: Painterly Plants

We heard about the recent publication of a beautiful new book detailing the relationship between horticulture and art. It’s a feast for the eyes and celebrates the artistry of fourteen exquisite plants, some are nature’s own work, whilst others are hybrids. A few are already the subjects of famous botanical masterpieces, plants such as the auricla look as if they themselves are the creation of an artist.

Every chapter focuses on a popular plant and explores it spectacular varieties in breathtaking details. From peonies and narcissi to tulips and irises, gardening expert Clare Foster charts the botanical and artistic history of each flower. The beautiful close up photography from Sabina Ruber showcase the jewel-like colours and sculptural shapes of each of the featured flowers.

As Clare explains, “There are some flowers whose intricacy and beauty demand a closer look, drawing us in with colours and patterning so exquisite that we marvel at natures’s ability to produce such artistry. These, above all others, are the plants that have been the artist’s muse throughout history, their forms depicted both with the clarity of botanical accuracy and with the broad sweep of an impressionistic brush.”

Painterly Plants £25, published by Merrell