The Balcony Gardener and Anthropologie

In the lead up to the Chelsea Flower Show we have collaborated with one of our favourite brands, Anthropologie and have installed two bespoke flower filled shop windows in their Kings Road store. The partnership is a celebration of the launch of Isabelle’s book and Anthropolgie’s close location to the Flower Show.

Chelsea is a wonderful place to be in the run up to and during the Flower Show, lots of the shops that line the King’s Road create one-off windows especially for the show; so it’s particularly exciting for us to be involved with Anthropologie for this year.

We explored two different theme for the two windows, the first window is a kitchen garden laden with planters; and the second window leads to a more urban feel using outdoor products both ┬ácelebrating bees and their favourite plants and flowers. Both windows are wonderful examples of British gardens, plants and flowers. Following the book, we were keen to display unusual planting styles – showing passers-by the different possibilities for small-spaced gardeners using re-used containers and pots.

Isabelle chose a cross-section of plants favoured by bees including five varieties of lavender, yellow marigolds and different dahlias. Anthroplogie put together a selection of antique containers, tin watering cans and vintage kitchen pots that we then planted up. Some of our favourites include an apple blossom tree in a silver dolly tub and trailing rosemary in terracotta kitchen pots.

Both windows are in-situ for the next six weeks, the Chelsea Flower Show takes place 25th – 29th May.