50th Anniversary – Golden Wedding Decor DIY

A member of the TBG team had the wonderful occasion of celebrating her parent’s Golden Wedding Anniversary recently.  A lovely day that was spent renewing the couple’s wedding vows after 50 years of marriage amid close friends and relatives with a small gathering afterwards to toast their life together so far.

So, I thought it a nice idea to share the DIY decor that we undertook during a lunch hour, to add a simple and economical yet effective touch to the days proceedings.

Shopping list

  • 9x 20mm Paper Mache Letters – we went for initials, LOVE and 50 (around £1.75 from good craft websites and shops)
  • 1x Can of Gold Acrylic Spray Paint (£6.50)
  • 9 x Belvoir Cordial Bottles, jars and tin cans (start to collect a few months in advance, or if you’re like us, just collect nice containers)
  • 9x (5×7) gold frames – (£1 each from Wilkos)
  • 3x (8×5) gold frames (already owned)
  • Gold ribbon (£3 John Lewis)
  • 5 bunches of white gypsophila (£2 each from Sainsburys)
  • 4 x white chrysanthemum plants (£3 each from Ikea)
  • 24 gold and white helium balloons (£1.30 – £2 each depending on local store)
  • A collection of the couple’s wedding photos and various photos of the couple from across the 50 years.

Gold Paper Mache Letters

Need: covering for floor, no rain and Gold Acrylic Spray Paint

Create Time: 30mins to include drying in between coats

You need a dry and preferably non-windy day as spray painting needs to be done outside, with a mask. Using tarpaulin from the garden we placed the letters and numbers out and did 4 x coats of spray on the front and top, and then 2 x coats of spray for the bottom and back of the letter.

FullSizeRender (4)

FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (4)

We also sprayed the tin cans in the same colour, and matched with a gold ribbon for some added sparkle. The tin cans were for the chrysanthemum plants. These were potted up two days prior to the event as they were in the soil, so would keep. Be sure to water them once planted in the cans, but do not drench.

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (1)

We also placed all of the pictures into frames, so these were also ready for the day, leaving time for the balloon and remaining flower arrangements. Don’t they look like a cute couple…..!

FullSizeRender (3)

Once at the venue, we placed the gypsophila in the Belvoir bottles, and displayed on each table along with three balloons, the chrysanthemums tin and a framed picture of the happy couple.


Finally we made a special display at the entrance to the venue, using the wedding pictures, along with a mixture of the flowers in a jar wrapped in some of the gold ribbon, and finally the paper mache letters.

FullSizeRender (2)







Such an easy and fun project that cost well under £100.

Such a beautiful day too. Congratulations!