Christmas Herb Wreath

There is nothing quite as Christmassy as a lovely fresh wreath hanging from your front door. Last Christmas, I spotted more creative and ingenious wreaths adorning my neighbour’s doors than previous years, and it seemed that the trend was moving away from store-bought wreaths and people are choosing to create their own; I think we’ll see it again this year.

This lovely, elegant wreath is taken from my up and coming book but I wanted to share it on the blog for this Christmas. I think the smells of Christmas are so evocative and this wreath uses fresh Christmassy herbs taken from my window boxes. its a great way to use up hardy herbs that grow quite vigorously so need pruning in the winter months. Not only to create a beautiful display but to also greet your guests with a lovely aroma as they arrive.

You can use crab apples as well to add extra decoration!

It’s so easy to make, and creates a really special Christmas wreath. All you need it a florist’s wreath with oasis, which you can get from most local florists.

  • Make sure you soak the oasis first.
  • Choose four herbs you’d like to use, this makes it easy to divide the circle into quarters.
  • The best herbs are woody-stemmed such as sage, thyme, lavender and rosemary – all of these herbs are sturdy which make them a lot easier to insert into the oasis.
  • Insert the stalks into the oasis in 4 bunched groups.
  • Hang securely on your door.

Enjoy your Christmas crafting! We would love to see your pictures of the wreath in-situ so please send some in!