How to make a Spring Window Box

Image: The Balcony Gardener book

We’ve taken this Easter project from the book “The Balcony Gardener,” it’s a lovely Spring Window Box to celebrate the start of the new season. The box uses bright Spring colours, and would make a thoughtful seasonal gift. You can decorate the display with egglings to give it an Easter theme.

The Balcony Gardener Book


You will need: metal slatted window box, moss for lining, potting mix (plus seed potting mix for the egglings) cat grass, selection of seeds, raffia and duck egglings.

To create the window box, Isabelle used cat grass with a few planted “egglings” sitting on top. Cat grass has vivid leaves that are perfect for Spring. If you don’t have time to grow the cat grass you can also use wheat grass, pea shoots or cress.

• Start off the plants in small clay pots in a sunny spot indoors, add epsom salts to stimulate growth and then trim the leaves regularly.

• To prepare the egg-shells, knock off the top, remove the contents, and wash well. Fill with damp potting mix and sprinkle in a few seeds in the centre. Keep them moist.

• Line the box with the moss, place in the mix and transfer the grass.

• Tie with raffia for a gift.

Happy Easter!