Growing Project – Salad Leaves in a Cough Lozenge Box

I am always looking for opportunities to re-use containers for growing, whatever the size. I bought this vintage looking cough lozenge tin from my local chemist, and after I finished the lozenges I really didn’t feel inclined to throw out the tin. I already have plenty of lovely looking vintage tins storing stationery bits and buttons, and so thought this time I would try a mini-growing project.

I ¬†lined the base of the tin with some moist tissue paper and then scattered the lettuce seeds on top. Without over-watering, I gently kept the tissue paper moist every day ¬†with a light sprinkling of water. After a few days the seeds had sprouted and the leaves were blooming. It’s a very easy growing project, and the vintage tin looks lovely on the window-sill with the green leaves sprouting. It’s also a great activity for children, and they can choose their own brightly coloured small tin.