Call In The Experts with Richard Miers

For this week’s blog we have interviewed the award winning garden designer Richard Miers. When we spotted Richard’s work, we became firm fans of his clean use of space and lines. Each garden area has a certain structure but is softened with bulbs, shrubs and flowering. Richard has been designing gardens for over 15 years, both in the UK and abroad, including a country garden for a grade 1 listed house in Norfolk, a 15 acre garden for a new build Palladian mansion in Surrey and numerous town gardens in London. Lauded as one of the top ten up and coming garden designers by House and Garden Magazine in February 2011 he was also invited to design a show garden for The Daily Telegraph/House and Garden Fair in 2007. Richard was also chosen to represent the United Kingdom in the 2012 Gardening World Cup in Nagasaki Japan. We wanted to know where Richard finds his inspiration, and if he has any suggestions for our own gardening design….

What are your favourite gardens?

Hatfield House, Chiswick House, Houghton Hall and Rousham.

How do they inspire you?

We innately know when a garden works whatever it’s scale be it big or small. They inspire me to go with my instincts.

Do you use other gardens as a resource/reference point for your own work?

Not consciously but we can’t help but to be influenced by what we’ve seen before.

Serenity Garden, Japan

What’s your starting point with your own design work?

The house, the existing landscape, the clients brief and my imagination.

What are the most important factors to consider when planning your own garden?

What you want to use it for (looking at it, entertaining in it, growing food for the house in it, etc) , amount of time to spend looking after it and your budget.

What are the biggest challenges when designing gardens?

Each garden project varies, sometimes it the working out of levels so the garden flows, sometimes it getting the clients to agree with each other as to what they want but the biggest challenge at the moment is getting the clients to spend the money they need to, to get the garden they are expecting.

Is there a project your most proud of?

There is a garden in Surrey I designed and organised the building of in 2008 but the client is very private and won’t allow me to publicise it…