Butterfly House

Watching butterflies flutter through a garden is probably one of life’s simplest pleasures, they’re a welcome visitor to all open spaces and bring diversity and vibrancy of colour. Butterflies are also a great way to engage children in the garden and increase their excitement and interest in the outdoor world. We have recently added a Butterfly House to our collection, a lovely wooden enclosure designed especially for butterflies. The wooden slots in the Butterfly house keep birds out while giving butterflies protection from the wind and the weather.

Great ways to attract more butterflies into your garden are planting nectar producing plants such as marigolds and garlic chives, butterflies love to feed on these. It is especially important to have flowers in mid to late summer, when most butterflies are active. Flowers with multiple florets that produce abundant nectar are ideal. Butterfly Bush and Butterfly Weed are some of the most popular flowers used by butterfly gardeners. If you would like to welcome in a family of butterflies then provide some butterfly host plants for the butterfly to lay eggs and also food source for the emerging caterpillar. Be prepared for heavy munching on your host plants! Good host plants include sunflowers and carrots. We love our new butterfly house £24.95 shown above.

Over the years many natural butterfly habitats have been lost due to human activity such as new buildings and roads; by creating your own busy butterfly garden you will help to ensure that we can keep enjoying the simple view of a colourful butterfly visiting a flower for years to come.