The Balcony Gardener Book

Isabelle has been extremely busy over the past few months putting together her first book to be published on 9th February. The Balcony Gardener book is a collection of Isabelle’s favourite creative ideas for small outdoor spaces, it draws on her own experiences gardening on a balcony and celebrates pint-sized gardening. It’s been so exciting to see the book come together, and the different gardening projects evolve.

We hope that the book will encourage and inspire either far-too-busy, nervous or space-restricted gardeners to step outside or reach to their window with a trowel and a packet of seeds. As Isabelle explains, “We all live busy lives and, if you have never had a garden before, it can be a daunting thought not knowing where to begin. I know that this was how I felt initially and, looking back, my balcony garden started out as not much more than two pot plants. So, I would suggest that you start small. By small, I mean growing easy-care and low-maintenance plants at first to start to build the foundations of what you want to achieve….”

The book is packed full of advice for the small-space gardener, and easy tips for the lazy gardener who wants a full and blossoming garden without much effort or maintenance on their part.

The book covers all the gardening basics from potting know-how’s to which compost works best to colour combinations. It’s a great reference tool, written for the gardener to return during the different seasons of the year. The projects have been written and designed for the urbanite, a favourite window box includes the Cocktail Window Box packed with strawberries and mint to use in pimms; and of course if you want to use your balcony for parties Isabelle has included her sugestions for dressing your outside space using lighting and accessories. For foodies there are several window boxes designed with different dishes in mind, if you’re planning to roast a chicken for a Sunday lunch with friends why not reach to your Herb Window Box for Chicken to pick some fresh tarragon and sage? Other innovative projects include tips on recycling old crates and tubs to be re-used as gardening containers.

We can’t wait for everyone to see the new book! The book will be published in February, but is available to pre-order here on our website and as a Christmas treat TBG customers can order the book for £11.24  (usual price £14.99) Also keep up with regular book updates via our twitter, follow@balconygardener

Happy Reading!!