Underground Gardening

The summer months can be tortuous on the London Underground: packed carriages, little ventilation, sweaty commuters, the list goes on and on. Regardless of all these factors, the summer also marks a pretty exciting time in the Underground calendar: the London Underground Annual Station Gardens competition; you may not have heard of it but this year sixty stations are competing. If you think outside of platforms littered with crisps packets and tin cans, you can open your eyes to some real hidden gems. There are several different awards for tube stations to compete for.

This historical competition dates back over fifty years, in 1966 the platforms at the competition winning Pinner station were resplendent with over 3000 flowers and plants. Today, extra points are given to stations whose displays use water wisely or recycle, Acton North for example uses old wooden train sleepers for plant containers. Greenford’s kitchen garden is in abundance with sweetcorn, broad beans, cucumber and runner beans whilst the pots and planters at Golder’s Green are spilling out with lavender and petunias. The competition is judged on 7th September at City Hall, so if you have a spare afternoon arm yourself with an oyster card and go exploring.

LU station gardens competiton