Winter Flowering

The snowy view from Isabelle’s balcony

We have to admit when the snow started to fall last week we had a grumble; long gone are the days when a snow fall means school’s out, snow balls and gallons of hot chocolate. Instead we were slipping and sliding on the pavements and moaning about the lack of public transport. However when the snow and ice started to thaw at the start of this week we were delighted to seem some  favourite Winter flowers peeking out.

The picture above is of the my camellia (one of my favourite winter plant) and winter ornamental cabbage which has a vivid purple hue. Camelias are evergreen and grow well in most conditions. The beautiful colours of the flowers vary from white through to pink and red.  Alas my camelia is yet to flower so those pictures are to be continued…..

The pictures below are of my Hellebore, they have such beautiful delicate flowers in the most wonderful pastel colours.  Its been sitting happliy in my container over the winter, so are also great at giving a year long splash of green. I wanted to share some pictures of their flowers after the snow had melted as their petals were now peeking through. It was a relief to see that the case of white fly due to the wild winter had finally been seen of too. If you see any give the plants a good douce of bug killer, washing up liquid and water is another option but I find this works better on green fly than white.

Image: Camelias

Hellebores are native to Europe so they grow well in our chilly conditions and are pretty frost-resistant.

Image: Hellebores

So, there’s a few of our favourite winter flowers –  what are yours?