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Copper Pavilion Bird Feeder £59.95

  • Balcony Gardener
  • Balcony Gardener
  • Balcony Gardener
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A handmade bird feeder made from solid 16 ounce, unfinished copper. The twisting top acts as a baffle to protect birds and seed, and accommodates small sized birds. The bottom tray features a drilled hole for drainage. It holds various types of feed, so you can customize the mix depending on the bird you hope to attract.

Use and Care

– Place the bird feeder on a pole or post about four or five feet off the ground. Comes with a copper wire hanger, so it may also be hung from a tree.
– Copper does not rust, but will build up a unique patina over time. If desired, you may polish your copper with equal parts kosher salt and ketchup to return it to its original sheen.