Paul Cummins MBE launches Candy

World renowned artist, Paul Cummins MBE,  unveiled his brand new sculpture of hand painted porcelain ceramic tulips adorning an 8m-high sculpture, dubbed Candy, at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015 this week.

Candy installation

Candy features black, white and coloured variegated tulips twisting up towards the sky and marks the newest collection for Paul Cummins for this year, which will each be available to buy as special editions.

The first of these incredible installations was unveiled in the Great Pavilion, to a star studded audience including the Queen.

The idea of the tulips comes from Paul’s research and interest into Tulipmania, a movement in the 17th century where the tulip became an obsession in the Netherlands. The sculpture showcases some of the most prized tulips, from the ‘Semper Augustus’, a red and white variegated tulip, to the ‘Fanny Kemble’ tulip an 1820 Bybloemen white tulip with mauve stripes, ‘Polyphemus’, a yellow and black striped tulip and from the Ottoman empire, the ‘The Star of Felicity’ tulip and ‘Increaser of Joy’ tulip.

Each tulip showcased on Candy has been hand crafted and hand painted with a number of traditional techniques, in Paul’s studio in the East Midlands.

Paul Cummins 1

Paul’s last project Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, the iconic installation of 880, 246 ceramic red poppies at HRP Tower of London in 2014, catapulted him into the limelight as an artist and Paul’s upcoming projects through his new tulip collection are set to be along the same scale.

More information and to pre-order a Candy tulip, please visit website