#TBG House Gardening

With this extremely cold weather I am missing being out and gardening on my beloved balcony. At this time of the year it is simply too cold to be out there – especially when ‘out there’ is five floors up in the air. Not too much of a worry though as I am currently working on a number of house styling projects which have me busy and inspired on the plant front.

It has been nearly a year since the launch of my second book The House Gardener so I thought what a better time to reintroduce some of its projects for you, so you too can get your green fingers stuck into some creative indoor gardening whilst we wait for it to warm up outside.

A big trend at the moment is Hanging Plants, an alternative and eye-catching display technique that  can be created using a variety of planters, or even via recycling a variety of household items.

Hanging Bottles - One of my favourite creations because the simplicity of it was actually really effective and it uses something we normally throw away.

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For this project you will need a bottle cutter, gloves, goggles, sandpaper and wire. Wearing your gloves and goggles score the bottles around the bottom for the hole. Run the scored line of the bottle under very hot then cold water and then hot water again, which should break the glass. Use the sandpaper to smooth the end. Take your chosen plant, I used Begonia Foliosa, Hatiora Salicornioides and Ficus Benjamina, and secure with wire to create a compact ball to fit inside the bottle. Attach two long pieces of wire to the ball that are long enough to thread through and out of the top of the bottle. Place the wires and then the ball inside the bottle, and hang using the threaded wire.

TIP: Suspending the bottles at different heights makes the display more eye-catching.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon – another simple hanging plant idea, that is easy to make and also extremely versatile depending on your requirement.


A great kitchen display that can be used to house a plant, flowers or even herbs. Find yourself a small wooden fruit or wine crate that isn’t too big, and using your choice of string or a leather lace, suspend from the ceiling. You can then place your desired plant inside within a lightweight plastic planter, which can be easily removed for watering, and for use if herbs.

TIP: I like to hang two of these above a kitchen dining table where you would expect to see two hanging lights.

Two simple yet very effective hanging plant displays for you to enjoy when it is too cold to go outside.

Lots more projects like this can be found in my book The House Gardener 


Isabelle x